Natural Ways To Ease Arthritic Pain In Senior Dogs

Arthritic Pain In Senior DogsIf your senior dog is suffering from awful side effects due to arthritis medication, maybe it is time you go for natural ways to help alleviate the pain and discomfort your pal may be under.

Dog arthritis is as painful and crippling as the human kind, and it can be truly unbearable if it is joined by constant vomiting or diarrhea caused by certain medications, specifically non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

Many dog owners get so desperate in front of the situation that they end up considering euthanasia, however, you should stop for a second and keep hope, because there are natural ways that have proven very effective in treating dog arthritis pain:

Physical therapy

A lot of vets specialize in rehabilitation and they recommend the following treatments for arthritic dogs.  These will vary according to the patient and the stage in which the illness is:

Heat/ Cryo therapy

It diminishes pain and inflammation, and at the same time increases motion range.


It relieves muscle tension, diminishes pain, improves circulation, and must be done every other day.  You can easily learn the techniques to give the massages at home.

Passive range of motion exercises

These stimulate nerve endings and improve mobility.

Therapeutic exercises

These improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.


It relieves pain and improves neurological function.


It improves motion and diminishes pain.

Hydro treadmill/ Water therapy

The first one increases strength and coordination, while the second one helps improve balance and increase motion range.

Neuromuscular stimulation

It stimulates muscles that are atrophied or at risk.

Laser therapy

Here, deep penetrating photons affect cell chemistry.  The dog gets a warm sensation in the pain area, and the length of time, power, and laser pulse will depend on your pal’s size and condition.

Nutrition and supplements

Some vets recommend whole food diets for arthritic senior dogs.  Joint Mobility, Glucosamine, and Chondrioten, are products that help joint health.  There are also some herbal supplements that work for dogs; yucca, ginger, licorice, feverfew, and skullcap are just a few helpful herbs. It is especially important that gun dogs and hunting dogs receive proper nutrition.

Always talk to your vet before giving your dog any of these products or herbs.

Magnetic therapy

Although it may sound crazy, it has really worked well in treating dog arthritis.

It seems the magnets heal the body by getting rid of inflammation and renovating circulation; they increase the blood flow to the affected area, speeding up the healing process.

You can get magnetic collars, blankets, and jackets for your pal, but the results depend on the dog and on the illness’s stage.

These natural ways can be used alone or coupled with traditional treatments, but if NSAIDS are giving your pal killer side effects, ask your vet about going natural.

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